Ingrid Laubrock saxophone
Joe Moffett trumpet
Rema Hasumi piano
Lester st Louis cello
Todd Neufeld electric guitar
Pascal Niggenkemper bass
Stephanos Chytiris percussions

Recorded in OctavenAudio NY
Sound enginneer Ryan Streber

[Ancestry of the
deep, birthed from
fire, eternal in motion]

[takes I - XVI]



["What with all the turning, going ahead, back-tracking, climbing up, climbing down, we no longer had the faintest notion where we were in this labyrinth of corridors, defiles, peaks, promontories, mountains, plains, ridges, spines, valleys and knolls. Our mounts died under us and we rode on astride our own shadows. Tiny, shrunken, we struggled on under the high noonday sun and were still marching, dwarfed and stunted, under the moon's great disc amid holes of shadow and lighted humps"]
[Blaise Cendrars, Moravagine]


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